Gameplay Video #4

It’s been a month since my last video. This time instead of just uploading a big unedited playthrough I recorded a bunch of footage and then cut together some of the highlights.

Changes since the last video:

  • Internal changes that let me iterate on content faster.
  • Doors look nicer.
  • Pausing gives you the player’s upgrades and the controls, instead of showing you the world map.
  • Weapon effects are bound to weapon items instead of being their own item category.
  • Added invincible mode (Right Shift + I).
  • Adjust distributions of enemies and loot drops.
  • Removed the part at the end of the level where you have to deliver the package to the building. Now collecting the package triggers the end of the level.
  • Added dialogue from Doctor Orange to the beginning of each level.
  • Added victory screen after beating four levels.
  • Levels get progressively larger.
  • Added magic effect that slows down enemies.
  • Added reticle icon for the mouse.
  • Improved automatic switching between controller mode and mouse / keyboard mode.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Added auto-targeting when attacking.
  • Bosses drop an extra heart on death.
  • Removed NPCs from stores.
  • Added text comparing the weapon you’re about to pick up to the weapon you’re currently holding.
  • Added destruction effect to cannonball projectile.
  • New, bigger dungeon rooms.
  • Added watermelon.
  • Better display names for items.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added pine trees.
  • Added new title screen logo.
  • Added punching animation instead of reusing the weapon-attack animation.