Iterating on the Player Model

The player model has been super placeholder so far, so I thought I’d take a shot at improving it. I think I actually went too far in the other direction of too much fidelity, I’m going to try to find something in between.

If you get past a certain threshold of realism, you start to run up against players’ expectations of really good realism. By staying farther away from realism you can make decisions based on aesthetics and gameplay without having to spend time worrying about realism.

For one thing I’m not a good enough modeler to compete on realism, and for another even if I were¬†good enough it would take too much time to do that when I already have a million other things to work on.

I also want to be able to create lots of content without much work. So for example if I make a new armor set for the player its fidelity should more or less match the player’s fidelity. By reducing the player model’s complexity I can speed up the rest of my content process.

player model

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