I’m back in Seattle after being gone for almost three weeks. It’s good to start being productive again.

I made a new texture pallete with a wide variety of hues, saturations, and values. There aren’t any true blacks, whites, or grays, but I’m hoping that ends up being a nice creative constraint. Previously I had been using a 16 x 8 paletteĀ based on NES colors. I’m hoping this will be the last time I change it, it’s a pain to remap all the UVs.


I’m trying to make combat more interesting. In Halo there’s the “golden triangle” which is gun / grenade / melee, so I thought grenades would be a good way to start expanding the combat sandbox. Swords are already melee weapons, and I have wands which are ranged weapons, so I guess now my golden triangle is complete. Still needs more stuff though.

I added damage types and resistances, which I’m not sure is actually going to be fun but I’m trying it out for now.

I’ve also added damage indicators, with numbers flying off units indicating how much damage they took. In this gif the skeleton takes 0.5 damage because the grenade deals “physical” type damage and the skeleton has a resistance to that.


Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.

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