Ice and Fire

I’m working on damage effects. For a little while I had damage modifiers where for example skeletons would be strong against physical damage and weak against ice damage, but I’ve removed that so everything just deals one point of damage.

Instead I have status effects that get placed on a unit when they get damaged by certain types of damage. For ice damage, the unit freezes in place for a couple of seconds. For fire damage, the unit doesn’t take the damage right away but instead takes it over the course of a couple of seconds.

Off-topic, I realized my fonts weren’t scaling with the screen resolution, so when I try to play the game in higher resolutions the font gets really tiny. So I’m working on fixing that — I think I have a fix for it but it means going in and changing how I specify font sizes from point values to percentages of parent UI element size.


Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.

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