Goodbye Toon Shading

Today I put some work into visual polish.

First I turned off the toon shader and added a little smoothness to everything to get a hint of glossiness.

I added a fill light in addition to the directional light and ambient lighting. It’s a wide-angle spot light that hovers above the player, so it gives a similar effect as putting a vignette on the camera. It turns out it was a little tricky figure out exactly where to put it and how bright to make it because of how building go up toward it. You don’t want the buildings to be super bright, but you also don’t want the fill light to be under the buildings’ height so the tops of the buildings are filled at all.

Now there are three lighting colors to play with: ambient, directional, fill. The ambient color is sky blue, directional is lime green, and fill is peach.

Finally I added screen space ambient obscurance and a little depth of field to the camera. I’m not sure how obscurance is different than occlusion but Unity’s manual page said it’s newer, better, and maybe faster, so I’m running with it.



Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.

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