Cars and Fire Hydrants

Today I modeled a car and a fire hydrant. The streetlight I had modeled already but today I added code to place it in the world.

I realized I don’t really know how streetlights get placed in the real world. I need to take a walk around the neighborhood and figure that out.

I tried to prevent cars from parking in front of fire hydrants, or parking too close to the intersections. There’s a longstanding bug where stop signs just get placed wherever there’s a corner, which is fine at 4-way intersections but it doesn’t look right at T intersections.

I think at some point I’ll add parking meters. I have this idea that some streets are going to be bigger than others and maybe have extra features like four lanes and stoplights instead of stop signs. Maybe I’ll put the parking meters on those streets. Then I’ll have to change how the cars get placed — right now they pick a random legal position on the side of the road, but if there are meters I’ll have to place the meters first at regular intervals and then place cars aligned with the meters.

I’d really like some annoying street signs like “2 hour parking 7am-2pm M-F except holidays.” Street names on the stop signs would be cool too. This is all kind of a distraction from working on gameplay but I think it’s probably important to make the environment fun just to be in.


Author: Miller

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