Public Alpha!

I released a public alpha! Check it out and let me know what you think so I can keep making it better!

What’s new since the last video:

Added pine trees.
Added animated image of Doctor Orange.
New punching animation.
New sword attack animation.
New injury animation.
New death animation.
New coin model.
New wand model.
New treasure chest model.
Using new fonts.
HUD messages can stack on top of each other and fade out after a couple seconds.
Replaced almost all UI bitmaps with 3D models.
Added support for multiple screen resolutions.
Added curve to attack lunge speed.
Added soundtrack.
Increase enemy count in dungeons.
The game ends after finishing the first level.
Weapon elemental particle effects use custom meshes instead of quads.
Performance improvements.
Added UI in the HUD to show certain controls.
Skeleton boss will block your attacks even when it’s attacking.
Removed free-aiming turrets while I work on their behavior.

Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.