Showing the Game

I’ve had a heck of a couple of weeks. I started a new job, which means that Adventure Delivery Service is going to start moving a little slower. But I’m really happy with the foundation I built over the last ~7 months and I’ll continue to work hard on it on nights and weekends.

To that end, last weekend I showed the game at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the PIGSquad booth, which was a ton of fun! Thanks a ton to PIGSquad for giving me the opportunity to do that. Then on Monday I brought the game to Game Dev Demo Night @ The Mercury in Seattle, thanks a bunch to Hashbang Games and Puget Systems for making that happen! I learned a lot about what work the game needs from watching a bunch of people play through it and talking to people about what they thought. Overall I’m encouraged that people treated it like a real game, which I think means I’ve crossed a threshold where it’s got just enough polish so that once I add some more content at least people will give it a good shot before deciding if they like it or not.

There’s plenty of work left to do. At this point I’m aiming for some kind of release in 2017.

Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.