Showed the Game at GE2

This weekend I brought the game to GE2 in Seattle. I had a great time showing the game to people and hanging out with the other indie devs that were there, showing awesome games like Lords of New York, Museum of Simulation Technology, Delver, Inversus, and more. Thanks a ton to Seattle Indies for making it happen!

I published a new build of the game last week before the show which is available at Changes since the last build include:

  • Many small polish tweaks and bug fixes
  • Cutting down things like bushes and pots is now driven by physics collisions with the player’s weapon.
  • Added enemies: Wizards, juggernaut, plant.
  • Added weapons: dagger, cardboard tube.
  • Added lava bubble particle effects.
  • Made packages in the store destroyable.
  • Chests will no longer give you a weapon or shield that you’re already holding.
  • Cars and fire hydrants will react when hit by a weapon.
  • Added colored pots which drop items when you break them.
  • Better distribution of enemies and item drops so there’s more of a progression ramp up over the course of the level.
  • Updated music.
  • Switched attack and grenade buttons (attack is now X, grenade is RT).

Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.