Progress This Week

I made some progress this week! There’s a new build available to download on Here are some of the highlights.


I have a new draft of the drawing of “The Professor”. I got the feedback at GE2 that he looked too much like a certain professor from another game, so I’m trying to make him a little more different. Might still be some work to do there.


The dungeon is now two levels deep! On the first floor, where the boss would have been, there’s a ladder that leads to the second level. On the second level there’s still a boss.


I added a new UI menu to show a detailed comparison between the weapon you’re currently holding and the weapon you’re thinking of picking up. It’s based on a clipboard in order to have some thematic consistency with the “delivery service” idea. I added flavor text for all the weapons and shields.


I also used the clipboard for the pause menu, which shows your current player stats. The HUD slides on and off the screen when these menus pop up instead of just disappearing.

One last thing, I added a HUD icon for “unarmed” to show that even if you don’t have a weapon you can still press X to attack:


Overall I’m pretty happy with the work I did this week. I’ve got plenty on my to-do list but there’s some stuff on there that I’m pretty excited about. Stay tuned!



Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.