Meta Progression and 3D Main Menu

I spent the last couple of weeks working on revamping the main menu, including adding an upgrades menu. That means the game has meta progression now! When you play the game you collect computer chips, which you can spend in the upgrades menu to make your character stronger.

Here’s what the intro flow looks like at the moment. This is all work in progress, I’d like to at least give the main menu a background so that it’s not just a black background, and also do something more interesting with the loading bar.

Also new since the last update:

  • Gave the player model a higher-resolution texture.
  • The player model randomly selects different shirts, pants, shoes, and watches each playthrough.
  • Disabled manual camera rotation. The camera will sometimes rotate on its own when it makes sense to.
  • Made certain colliders frictionless so you don’t get stopped when you brush against a wall.
  • Added money bag pickup to replace jewels.

Check out the build and let me know what you think:

Author: Miller

Independent video game developer. Formerly Halo, Age of Empires.