Throwing Rocks

This ended up being way trickier than I thought it was going to be. There’s complexity¬†with the clients and server agreeing that a player can pick up an object, with spawning the picked up object as a new object separate from the one that was on the ground (so that the one on the ground can be cheaper), with synchronizing the animations and the spawning of the new object, with associating the picked up object with the player object, with checking for pick up-able objects on the runtime version of the map vs. the permanent version of the map (the rocks don’t disappear from the permanent map so if you walk away from an area and then back, the rocks will respawn), with the animation state transitions and animation triggers getting stuck in a latched state… and there are still bugs I need to work out around things like preventing the player from picking up an object if they’re in the middle of being injured or have already started to pick up another object, and dropping the object if the player performs an attack while holding an object (or maybe prevent the player from performing an attack until they drop the object). Then I’ll probably want to have some objects that don’t break when they hit the ground, that you can pick up again!

But for now I’m happy because this is an important mechanic, and the foundation of it is more or less working!

throwing rocks

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